I’m a holistic health coach and chef.

My clients learn to eat in a way that makes them feel clear and energized. The foods they learn to love are plant focused, fresh as possible, satisfying and exploding with flavor. 

Food is medicine, and we can choose to eat for energy without compromising taste. However, health goes beyond food; it’s important to look at all aspects of you life. Are you staying active? Are your relationships making you happy? Do you feed your mind with positive thoughts?


How it works...

Let’s have a chat via phone or in person to discuss what’s bothering you and we’ll come up with strategies to overcome them. We’ll start by cleaning up your diet, crowding in practices that make you feel good so there's less space for bad habits. This can be as gradual or as fast as you're comfortable with.

We'll design a customized program that suits your needs and is tailored to your schedule. 

During our sessions, we'll discuss your progress and challenges, and can also dedicate time to cooking, navigating grocery stores and nutritional education.




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