I’m a holistic health coach.

The people I work with transition into eating in a way that makes them feel clear and energised without compromising on taste.

My philosophy is that food is medicine and so is everything else we choose to do, both consciously and unconsciously. Every choice either creates energy or drains it, so in my work we incrementally add in healthier food and energy supporting lifestyle practices that make an individual more whole and less needing of quick fixes, like sugar.

How it works...

Let’s begin by having a chat to get a sense of your health challenges, and then we’ll discuss how I can support you.

To get your energy on track and sugar cravings in check, I’ll help you implement steps that are easy to integrate into your life. We’ll meet twice a month for three months, in between sessions I’ll check in over email to keep you accountable to your goals.

Reach out to me to book your complementary breakthrough session.


+852 5426 3142