Private Chef & Catering Menus


Hire me if you want to eat or serve healthy that actually tastes Good. Get an idea of my style from these menus:


Indian menu
Aloo chaat with mint chutney
Green beans with coconut
Cauliflower masala with black mustard seed & cumin
Red lentil dhal

Japanese Favorites
Shitake miso soup
Colorful nori maki
Azuki bean stew with ginger and butternut squash
Baked mushroms with jalapeno and colorful vegetables
Green salad with carrot ginger dressing

Middle Eastern
Persian style rice with parsley, mint, almonds and golden raisins
OR quinoa tabouleh
Not fried falafel
Muhammarah dip
Zaatar dusted hummus
Rice pudding infused with rose water

Amaranth porridge with apricot papaya puree
Tempeh sasuage patties and homemade ketchup
Spiced fruit muffins
Hazelnut chai