• Food Therapy – Certified by Natural Gourmet Institute

  • Holistic Health Coach - Certified by Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • New Healers program (Visual, meridian and chakra diagnosis)

  • Raw and living food - Sol Wellness (Hong Kong)


Catering Experience

  • Garden Gathering, HK; 3 meals for 50+ people

  • Instant Pause, HK; 1 day wellness retreat lunch 8 people

  • Global Wellness store opening party, HK; raw snacks

  • Private party, HK; 4 course dinner 12 people

  • Private party, HK; canape night 25 people

  • Private party, HK; 3 course dinner 15 people

  • Disconnect to Reconnect, Philippines; 5-day yoga retreat in

Mana Fast Slow Food Restaurant

  • Created smoothie and juice menu

  • Restaurant ambassador


Speaking Events

  • Garden Gathering, HK; Lunchtime eating meditation

  • Before My Baby, HK; ‘How to eat for fertility & a healthy pregnancy’

  • Spicebox Organics; ‘Eat less meat and still feel strong and energized’

  • Lululemon, HK, ‘Pre & post workout foods’


Press Coverage

  • Sassy; ‘Sugar Free Guide’

  • Sassy; ‘Anti-Aging ‘Red Elixir’: Goji Berries, Jujubes & Ginger’

  • Liv Magazine, ‘Five Hong Kong Health Coaches’