Who I Am

I’m a holistic health coach, showing health conscious people in their 20-40’s, how to feel and look beautiful, by eating a delicious, healthy diet, and a clean lifestyle.

Studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned about dietary theories, contemporary health issues, and Eastern and Western nutrition.

As a self-trained cook, I’m inspired by the ancient Chinese wisdom of my mother, the sensuality of food from France, and health tips I picked up from working at an eco-conscious restaurant and from an incredible detox center.

I’m Taiwanese American, raised in Hong Kong, Switzerland and the US.

I couldn’t live without feeling polished and pampered. But I’m also a down to earth kind of girl. I love taking off my shoes and feeling the ground under my toes. Getting dirty in my garden, in the middle of the city, is most liberating!


Why I Do It

Back in my teens and early 20s, I struggled with self-confidence. My poor self image and lack of knowledge about proper nourishment made me overweight and develop bad lifestyle habits.

Learning to believe myself and nourishing my body, I lost 40 lbs and developed a passion for life; I’ve made it my mission to teach people how to fuel their bodies with the best quality nourishment of food, water, air, and thoughts.